The Big Sports Co., Ltd. announces that “Shisei Innovation System” (“Shisei” is the Japanese word for posture.) revolutionary no-pain approach for Posture solution Arrives in EU for First Booth Demonstrations During the FIBO for Health Club Operators as well as others.

The booth is  6/E16 by GHI Well Co.


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 “SIS” (Shisei Innovation System) , including Shisei Doctor method is very effective at helping people overcome chronic back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain. It is essential to have a structural assessment to help you understand which parts of the body are misaligned.

Three-dimensional skeletal representation by posture evaluation software (PA200LE) is very useful to analyze physical function in order to practice a series of self-stress-release exercises and corrective exercises for you in a progressive way to address your unique postural and functional demands.

Shisei_DoctorThe Bigsports is seeking to make business deal with you regarding products and measuring device system. Moreover, the company would like to be a candidate for local or regional distributor who will serve as spokespeople, promotional partners and presenters for your products. I’m confident the company can help you produce a profit, as well as a longer, more enjoyable business for you.

The Big Sports Co., Ltd. is a leading fitness club chain in Japan and an innovator in health and postural improvement. Founded in 1979 as a swimming school in Osaka, the company is now a key player in Japan’s health and fitness market, operating 44 clubs nationwide with annual sales of US$45 million. This represents The Big Sports is the 10th largest sports club company in Japan and ranks 25th in the world.