PA200: Computer-controlled body monitoring and analysis system:

The posture may have various kinds of influences on a body and mind, and it seems
that the study of posture alignments is contributing to health. Therefore, it is desirable
that we can conduct the posture assay evaluation of customers’ sports clubs, an academic and medical institutes.

“Posture measuring instrument PA200″ measures distortion of the posture, and the measurement is completed in several minutes.

The accuracy of posture measurement was presented in the Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine in 2007.
As for the result of a measurement, a skewness of the posture is clear at a glance by plain graphic indication.

It is used at over 40 places such as the Fitness clubs, Private studio, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment place, osteopathy places, an apparel associated company and rehabilitation center.

Posture images taken from four directions and foot pressure sensor data are used for analysis and easy-to-understand explanation of the finding, given from various angles.

The function of posture measurement analysis:

A frontal plane / the sagittal confirmation by 4 way scans
A neck / a pelvic angle of inclination
A neck / a pelvic pitch difference (mm)
A gap of the center of gravity from a frontal plane / a sagittal plane
The difference condition of the bilateral knee
The measurement of a person’s body rotation for the upper and lower part of limbs.
Display function for measurement history due to comparison with past data
The 360 degrees image display with the 3D Posture Doll
3D posture doll turns 360 degrees with a posture from the front and back / right and left / a fluctuation / slippage due to confirmation by three-dimensional figures.
Display of two-colored frame image for predicted body displacement by a stress indication of the distortion
Outcome for distortion condition every 12 places of areas by a reasonable posture
Confirmation for systemic body surface from displacement (distortion condition) by radar chart indication
Outcome for exercise menu corresponding to the distortion situation of the analgized posture